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PALMA is the Capital of Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic islands, Spain. Its population is of aproximately 500.000. The two major languages are spanish and mallorquín, which is similar to catalán. The city is located by the sea, the Bay of Palma. Unlike many balearic cities and villages, Palma is alive all year round offering their citizens an extense offer in gastronomic, cultural and commercial structure. The Old Town of Palma is the jewel of the city, located right in the heart of Palma. The moorish and roman architecture characterizes the Old Town. The crown of the Old Town is the Cathedral of Palma, La Seu, which is located right by the sea, overlooking the bay.

Palma is the best location to explore the island of Mallorca which offers a great variety of beaches, mountains and pintoresc villages. It is the perfect destination to enjoy shopping, water sport, hiking, restaurants, golf and culture. You will find news and hotspots in the Basilica BLOG