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ES BALUARD MUSEU (MAP) of modern Art, inaugurated on January 30, 2004, is a museum that has a collection of more than 700 works of art linked to artists in the field of the Islands and / or of international reference.

In addition to preserving and disseminating its collection, it develops a program that includes temporary exhibitions, cultural activities and educational and training cycles. The main artists and movements related to the Balearic Islands represent a corpus that took shape from the first presentation of the Collection carried out the year it was opened.

Since then, the initial nucleus of the museum’s funds – formed by the donation and deposit of works by the Fundació d’Art Serra, together with the works deposited by the Palma City Council, the Consell de Mallorca and the Govern de les Illes Balears- has been increased thanks to the entry of works under the regime of acquisition, donation and temporary transfer by artists, collectors and entities.

There is also a restaurant located outside the museum, next to the main entrance, built on the historic town walls overlooking the bay and port. It is a great place for lunch.