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BAÑOS ARABES (MAP) The Arab baths are one of the most emblematic monuments of Palma, they are one of the few samples that have come down to us of Muslim architecture in Mallorca. They are located in the stately Can Pit garden, only the central room for hot baths and a room attached to the baths that has a rectangular-shaped floor plan and a semicircular vault with very thick walls are preserved compared to when they were made. in Muslim times. Before the 19th century, the garden and the baths were part of Can Serra. You can enter through a portal with a horseshoe arch. The room is cubic with a corridor to one side, with a semicircular arch roof made of 12 columns and horseshoe arches above a dome, made of bricks with skylights. Many of the capitals may suggest that remains of other constructions were used to build it. There are remains of chimneys and hot water and steam pipes. A narrow corridor led to a room that served as a dressing room to be able to go to the warm room, before the hot room or hammam.